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It is now caring for some enrollees at Summit Medical Center in Oakland. Eventually, moving care entirely to Summit and upgrading and expanding Summit will save the community about $200 million, Lawrence says.

Healthcare companies “all have to behave similarly because they’re all competing against each other. An economist would say Kaiser is no better and no worse. It’s just a better target,” Given says. Beyond that, Lipp says, at Kaiser “we supervise and run quality checks on all outpatient and inpatient records, which is not true of the average practice out in an office, where records are rarely looked at.”

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“That would exacerbate the community’s problem with underfilled hospitals” and waste resources. In California Kaiser announced it would close its Oakland facility.

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Skill levels and standards of care are better than they were in the past, he says. Kaiser has learned from its mistakes in Northern California, Madvig says. “This has been an extraordinary educational experience for all of us here. check testosterone levels We are learning some things that will result in improved quality and the improved ability for us to handle the kind of change we are going to have to continue to experience,” he says. But Kaiser hadn’t adequately planned for the unusual situations at Oakland and Richmond.

Lawrence says keeping Oakland staffed was difficult once its closure was announced because staff began to seek other positions. “In Richmond we elected to open a small hospital against the advice of our hospital planners, because of the history we have, the connection we have to the community,” Lawrence says. Richmond has 50 beds and an average daily census of three to nine patients. “Strategically, Kaiser is doing the right thing by not rebuilding their own hospital,” Enthoven says.